3 Ways You Can Save On Ink Printer Cartridges

If you usually print a lot of documents, you have probably seen the flashing light from the printer that signifies the ink cartridge needs to be changed. For some big printing jobs, you may have to replace the ink printer cartridges more than once. Replacing ink cartridges can be time consuming and expensive considering how much they cost.

Busy offices know that the cost of printer ink cartridges is among the highest in the consumables section of the monthly budget. Given that a cartridge may cost upwards of $40, it is not a surprise that the amount spent on ink is usually more than the cost of buying a new printer. However, there are a number of ways you can save on your cartridge costs and not have to worry about frequent replacements. Here are three tips you can implement to keep your ink costs down.

Check Your Font

  • he rate at which your ink cartridge may be getting empty can be determined by the type of font you are using. This is evident especially if you usually have large printing jobs. For large institutions like universities, where thousands of publications may have to be printed, switching the font can lead to significant savings. Cartridges produce more ink and get depleted faster when your works are bring printed in large font sizes and types. The management can come up with a policy on the type of font that should be used for your company. The benefits of switching to a different font type may not be immediately apparent. However, the cost-savings will be realized when ink-cartridges will not be running out as quickly as they used to in the past.

Choose Content to Be Printed

If you are printing documents from the web, choose what you would like to be printed. For example, there is no benefit in printing navigation bars or ads on a page when all you want is the main content. There are a number of tools in the market that can help you select specific webpage areas to be printed. Make a habit of using the tools to select only the information you need for printing. You should also check pages that have pictures. If the pictures available do not add any information to the content you need, do not print them. Your cartridges will drain faster if you print pictures.

Print Until There is No More Ink

Sometimes, the printer light will flash to indicate the ink is about to get depleted. However, in reality, the cartridge may have as much as 30 percent of ink. You should not replace the ink and toner cartridge immediately the light starts to flash as you will be wasting money. The best thing to do is to continue printing until no more ink is left.